The Light Collective

      Kathryn Harwig

The Light collective is a group of beings from another dimension that have the ability to travel to many dimensions, and are not constrained by time or space.

Their name, The Light Collective, is a descriptive name. They do not have bodies, and while they are individuals, they are also a collective and function as such.   If we were to see them, we would see beautiful dancing light.

They are telepathic, and explain that humans have the same ability but were systematically trained not to use the ability.  For us to understand that ability we need to understand that we are all one.

The Light Collective has the ability to tune into multiple dimensions at one time, thus have access to a great deal of information from the universe.  They feel humans are in a dark period of history at this time and in need of information they can provide.

They state:  “You have amazing power.  Your ability to control your emotions could be one of the most powerful things in the cosmos.  Every one of you is capable of controlling your emotions, and you have been told you cannot.  Because of this you have created a culture of victims.  We have come here, as have many others, to tell you to claim your power of intention, and to claim your power of emotion.”

The Light Collective’s teachings are based on Eight Principles. They tell us that these principles are not new knowledge; there is no new knowledge in the universe or the cosmos.  Wise humans have been aware of the principles for, as long as there have been humans on the planet.   According to the Light Collective, these principles are universal, and are followed by them as well as others in the cosmos. 

Their purpose in providing this knowledge is to aid us in claiming our power and bringing peace and joy into our lives.  You will find these principles, simple, and yet profound, do just that.

If you judge your emotion

By what is happening on the outside

You will be continually upset.

You find your safety on your inside,

Your core connection with each other and the divine.

When you make that contact with these truths:

You are one,

You are eternal,

You create your own world with your thoughts

And you activate them with your emotions,

You are responsible for them,

With these truths you see,

Comes total safety

-The Light Collective.

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Psychic medium Kathryn Harwig has been channeling a group of light beings that call themselves the Light Collective for approximately ten years.  The first seven years she channeled with a small group of friends, then the Light Collective convinced her to channel for the public, which she has been doing at monthly forums for the past three years.  At these forums the Light Collective answers questions from the audience, often interjecting additional information about humans and the cosmos.  Kathryn also holds quarterly Light Collective speaks sessions, where they speak more extensively on topics of interest to the public.

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