The Light Collective's teachings are based on The Eight Principles for living a joyous, free, and abundant life. These principles, known to wise men since ancient times, are now being revealed to us by the Light Collective.  Due to the current conditions of the world, they feel we need this knowledge now, and say:

“Now it is time for you to learn the truth.  The human species is a powerful species.  Not powerful with guns and killing, but powerful with intention and joy.  We have come here, as have many others, to tell you to claim your power of intention, and to claim your power of emotion.”

Of fear, they say: “You have a choice.  Your choice is to be free of fear.  Or your choice is to be haunted by fear.  It is time to release                                                   yourselves from fear.”

The principles are simple and easy to apply to your life.  All problems in life can be traced back to the principles - you either don't know or believe one or more of the principles, and/or you aren't applying them to your life.

The Light Collective also reveals facts that will amaze you and give you a greater appreciation of God, mankind, and the cosmos.

Kathryn Harwig, an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, trainer & attorney, has been channeling the Light Collective ten years.  Three years ago the Light Collective asked her to begin channeling for the public due to our need for the information they can provide. She has been channeling for the public ever since.

Dorothy Lee is a retired Minneapolis teacher, educator and national speaker, with an MS degree in Guidance & Counseling. While attending channeling sessions, she realized the immense value of the information the Light Collective was presenting about The Eight Principles of Life, God, mankind, and the cosmos.  She asked the Light Collective and Kathryn if she could document the sessions and create a book to share this knowledge with others. They agreed, and Invest In Joy was born.


Coming August 7th  2009

Invest In Joy

A Journey to Inner Peace and Personal Empowerment

Teachings Of The Light Collective

Dorothy Lee  Author

Kathryn Harwig  Channel

“If you measure your worth by what you own,

perhaps you will be disappointed.

If you measure your worth by how your life is going,

then perhaps you will be joyful.

Perhaps it is not the value of your homes that you measure your worth by,

but the value of your life.

A question to ask would be,

are you happier when you make more money,

or when your house is worth more?

If not, perhaps you would look at joy as a commodity,



-The Light Collective

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August 7th, 2009